Wrap Around Care

Here at Lawn Primary and Nursery School we offer the following:

Early Years Wrap Around Childcare, which is held in the Key Stage 1 Hall and is available for Nursery children (3,4 year olds), Reception and Year 1 children.

Lawn Primary School Wrap Around Care, which is held within the Key Stage 2 Hall and is available for children in Years 2-6 of the Primary School.

We offer:

Lawn Breakfast Club (Years 2 - 6): 7.45am - 8.40am

Menu:  School-Breakfast-Club-Menu-Sep24.pdf

Early Years Breakfast Club (Nursery 3/4 years, Reception and Year 1): 7.50am - 8.50am

Menu:  Early-Years-Breakfast-Club-Menu-Sep-22.pdf

Lawn After School Club is open to 5.50pm (Years 2 - 6)

Menu:   School-After-School-Club-Menu-Sep23.pdf

Early Years After School Club is open to 5.50pm (3/4 year olds, Years R -1)

Menu:  Early-Years-After-School-Club-Menu-Sep22.pdf

Holiday Club: 48 weeks per year (not including the Christmas break). 


Please email crigby@lawn-pri.swindon.sch.uk for all bookings, enquiries and invoicing.

Please email breakfastclub@lawn-pri.swindon.sch.uk for cancellations or general queries specific to the Breakfast Club for Years 2 -6

Please note: some changes in times and costs apply currently due to COVID management. Please contact the school office for up to date information.


You can download a booking form here:

Early years Wrap Around Care:


School Wrap Around Care:



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