House Captains and House Points


Lawn Primary has four houses: Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.  Each day pupils can earn "house points" awarded by staff for a variety of different reasons.  For example, house points can be awarded for walking in the corridor; opening a door for someone; tidying up an area of the school; being polite and, of course, for excellent work.  Each Friday the total number of points for each house is announced in assembly, with the winning house receiving a trophy with their house colours attached.  The nominated house captain will collect the trophy on behalf of their house.

Houses are also used in Key Stage 2 for Sports Day where each pupil takes part and earns points for their house colour.  

House Captains

Each key stage has four house captains representing their house colour.  In Key Stage 1 house captains will change every term.  In Key Stage 2 house captains will remain in this role for the academic year.