Each week, normally on a Friday, we celebrate within each key stage the achievements of our pupils during the week. These achievements may have taken place inside or outside of school, and celebrate success in a variety of ways.  This can be academic, sporting or, for example, perseverance, being a good friend, or coming into school each day with a smile on your face!

Pupils are nominated by their class teacher to receive a Headteacher's Award, which is presented to them during Celebration Assembly. Sometimes a Headteacher Award will be given to a group of children or the entire class where appropriate. 

Other awards regularly given to individuals are: Century Challenge Reading Awards; Reader of the Week and Mathematician of the Week.

During Celebration Assembly the opportunity is also taken to total House Points for the week and the winning house receives the house cup with their house colour ribbon displayed.

A weekly raffle also takes place and prizes given to children who have helped out during lunchtimes and received a raffle ticket from the MDSAs.

The celebration assemblies are also an ideal time for a pupil, or pupils, to show us their talent in dance or music, or to share a success they have had outside of school.

Here are some pictures from previous Celebration Assemblies.