School Meals

At Lawn we are really pleased to be able to offer your child a hot meal at lunch time, we have been providing hot meals since February 2006 and they prove very popular with the children.

We believe healthy eating equals happier, healthy children who can concentrate better, have more energy and who are better equipped to get through the school day. It is equally important for us all as parents to be able to trust the food provision in our child’s school – moving away from unhealthy processed food to healthy, nutritious, cost effective meals using ingredients which can be traced back to their source, wherever possible we use produce from local suppliers. Good food is fun – we offer a wide selection of dishes from around the world as well as the good old fashioned family favourites which most of us would call “proper food!” All of our food is prepared in the school kitchen fresh on the day by fully trained, skilled staff.

We like to work closely with parents and children, we listen to everyone’s ideas and suggestions and do all we can to include them on the menus.