School Meals

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At Lawn we are really pleased to be able to offer your child a hot meal at lunch time, we have been providing hot meals since February 2006 and they prove very popular with the children.

We believe healthy eating equals happier, healthy children who can concentrate better, have more energy and who are better equipped to get through the school day. It is equally important for us all as parents to be able to trust the food provision in our child’s school – moving away from unhealthy processed food to healthy, nutritious, cost effective meals using ingredients which can be traced back to their source, wherever possible we use produce from local suppliers. Good food is fun – we offer a wide selection of dishes from around the world as well as the good old fashioned family favourites which most of us would call “proper food!” All of our food is prepared in the school kitchen fresh on the day by fully trained, skilled staff.

We like to work closely with parents and children, we listen to everyone’s ideas and suggestions and do all we can to include them on the menus.

How to book lunch –




  • Every Tuesday or Wednesday the Catering Manager, sends out a menu via Parentmail.


  • This menu normally offers four choices every day - meat, vegetarian, jacket potato or sandwich from home.


  • Please use the radio button to choose your child’s meal – please choose ‘sandwich from home’ if you do not wish to order a meal.  This ensures that your child’s name is produced on the class dinner register and nobody is missed.


  • It is essential that your child likes the meal being selected for them as we are unable to change dinner choices after submission.


  • Please ensure a form is submitted for every child regardless of whether they are free school meals, universal free school meals (K.S. 1 only) or sandwiches from home.


  • The menu must be submitted by 9.00 am the following Monday, and is for the following week.  Food supplies are then ordered in line with the forms submitted.


  • After 9.00 a.m. every Monday morning the Catering Manager will produce lists for every class showing the choices for each child.  If no booking has been submitted you will receive an email informing you that a packed lunch from home must be provided every day.


  • Kitchen staff then prepare the required meals in line with the meals ordered. 


  • As of October 2018 school meals cost £2.40 per day and should be paid for on Parentmail in advance, when ordered.  Please do not send a cash/cheque payment for the meals to the school office.  Payment for meals can only be done online.  The meal costs will be deducted on a Friday for the current week.


If your account has a negative balance you will be sent a reminder via Parentmail to top up your funds.  If the balance isn't cleared unfortunately no further meal may be ordered.

Click here to see meat and fish options in our menu choices.

Free School Lunches

From September 2014, the entitlement for free school meals changed.  All children in Reception, Year 1 & 2 will be automatically eligible for a free school meal. If your child is in Year 3 or above, they may still be entitled to a free school meal if you are in receipt of certain benefits. Whatever year your child is in, if they are eligible for free school lunches, please apply online by clicking here or complete the form attached below.

We look forward to welcoming your child to lunch.

Download attachments: Free School Lunch Form