AppInventor Club

AppInventor club provides an opportunity for pupils to learn how to design and code Apps for their Android phone or tablet. The technique is very similar to Scratch and is aimed primarily at pupils in Year 5 and 6. The content here is normally used by the Tuesday after school AppInventor club and is provided to enable those who are interested to develop their coding skills at home while clubs are temporarily suspended.

All materials below can be downloaded for use at home including detailed information on set up and example apps with step by step instructions as used in Appinventor club


  • Home PC with access to the internet
  • A Google Gmail account (Note that school gmail accounts are not set up to be used from home)
  • Ideally an Android phone or tablet (though it is possible to use the built in emulator)


  • Step by step downloadable guides are provided below including setup and example apps
  • Image and sound files for use with example apps can be downloaded in a zip file below
  • Further setup and tutorials can be found online