Governor Update - Winter Term 2014

As 2014 draws to a close we are pleased to report that the school is performing well and adapting to a number of key changes. In particular there have been significant modifications to the curriculum; the number of pupils taking school meals has increased by 25% and we have seen a number of staff pick up new challenges. Through all of this the school has continued to operate smoothly.

One of the primary duties of governors is to monitor pupil progress and achievement and the latest data demonstrates our children are leaving year 6 with above average levels of attainment. In 2015 we will continue to work with the school to help children maximise their potential.

However, we are now approaching the holiday season and it is time to rest. We wish all pupils, parents and staff a very Happy Christmas.



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2013/14 School results

The latest data has now been received and reviewed by staff and governors which reveals that attainment at the end of Key Stages 1 and 2 was above average in Reading, Writing, Maths and Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar relative to other schools nationally. We are very pleased that children at Lawn continue to achieve so well! Another key measure in this data is rate of progress of pupils through the school. This shows that the proportion of children, including those form disadvantaged backgrounds, making expected progress across Key Stage Two is also in line with or higher than the average. Based on the progress data, however, we have determined that Writing should be a focus area for 2014/15. As a consequence staff are developing and implementing action plans to help children develop their sentence structure and composition.


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School Meals

This year saw the introduction of free school meals for all KS1 pupils which has resulted in significant extra demand. Despite a few hiccups with the initial delivery of our new oven, all equipment is now installed and we are regularly serving ~25% more meals per day. Many thanks to all our lunchtime staff for helping achieve this while maintaining such an excellent quality of food for the children.


Christmas Productions

Everyone has been busy preparing for their Christmas productions and we would like to thank Staff, Parents and Pupils for all the extra work they have put in to make these happen.



New curriculum

September 2014 saw the implementation of a nationwide curriculum update and one of the most significant changes has been to add lessons in computer programming. To help with this we provided a couple of starter lessons for year 2 to help them learn about algorithms by programming a simple robot car to negotiate a maze. Great fun was had by all! In addition we have successfully applied for a $5000 US dollar grant from Intel towards buying equipment to help teach programming, which year 5 and 6 should benefit from later in the school year.


New Governors

In September we reconstituted the governing body to align with government direction to optimise the size of the group and select new governors to strengthen the breadth of skills. As a result we are pleased to welcome Andrew Boorman and Samantha Hardy to the team. In total there are now 13 governor posts including, Headteacher (1), Local Authority Governor (1), Staff Governor (1), Parent Governors (4) and Co-opted governors (6).



Our link worker, Caroline Smith had a nasty fall a few weeks ago, resulting in two broken arms. Consequently she has not been able to come into school. We all hope she gets well soon and look forward to seeing her once she is fully recovered.


New parking system

In response to concerns about safety around the school gate on Windsor road, the local council have installed new lines and bollards to increase visibility of children crossing the road. We would like to thank all those parents who are now parking further away in the surrounding area or choosing other means of transport, to spread the load and avoid congestion in the immediate vicinity of the school at peak times.