Governor Update - Winter 2016

Governor changes in 2016/17


 Over the past few months we have seen a few changes in our governor membership, roles and responsibilities.Sarah Waters has stepped down from her role as Local Authority governor and Nicki Read has been appointed in her place. Claire Arthur has also stepped down in her role as staff governor and a replacement will be announced shortly. Lorraine Woodward has joined as our new clerk to replace Jen Rose. We would like to thank Sarah, Claire and Jen for all their support over the past years and welcome Nicki and Lorraine to their new positions. Full details of current governor roles and responsibilities can be found on the school web site. From the main menu, select:  Community > Governors > Governor Information.


Staff changes in 2016/17


As you will have seen in the recent school newsletter there have been a number of staff changes recently. I am pleased to say that following our usual very thorough interview process we have selected three new teachers to join us in 2017. This process involved broad advertising (well beyond Swindon area) and a full day of interviews, tasks, meetings with governors, staff and pupil council plus monitored teaching of the children. We believe that quality of teaching is of paramount importance and as a result over the last few months we sometimes had to turn down experienced applicants and re-advertise to ensure we maintain our high standards. Please join us in welcoming Mrs Wood, Miss Gillett (Y1) and Mr Frost (Y3) to their new roles and of course welcome back from maternity leave to Mrs King (Y6).


School performance resultsGraph

Summer 2016 was the first time Year 6 and Year 2 completed their SATs for the new curriculum which began in Sept 2014. Once again Lawn primary school performed well in most subject areas with scores generally in line with the National Average (NA) and above the Local Authority (LA) averages. Highlights included Phonics and KS1 results which were 6-9% above National Average across all subjects. In KS2 Reading and Science were also above NA, with writing and English Punctuation, Spelling and Grammar (EGPS) in line with NA and well above LA reflecting our focus in this area. Maths was disappointingly 7% below NA and a strategy has been developed to address this area across the school moving forward (see below). 


Maths StrategyMaths

Analysis of 2016 Year 6 KS2 exam results indicated that our children performed well on tables and maths calculation, but the results were lower in the reasoning areas of the papers. Consequently a new school wide strategy has been developed and presented to governors to build experience and confidence in this type of question. In addition, following feedback from the parents’ questionnaire, governors have requested that teachers review the level of homework provided to children as they move through years 3-6.


Lawn Preschool decision and next stepsPreSchool

Lawn Preschool has traditionally been an independent charity run group running next to the Primary school. During 2016 discussions were held between governors, committee and staff from both schools to review the benefits of combining both schools under the leadership of Lawn Primary school. Preschool parents recently voted for this to go ahead and we are now working with the LA to gain the necessary government approvals to integrate the Preschool with the Primary school in September 2017. We anticipate that initially there will be little change for parents or pupils and that as time progresses we will be able to make improvements for the benefit of all. (Please note that as a maintained Primary school we will still need to follow the current rules for allocating places at the school as we do today).


Lawn Primary school Nurture teamNurture

18 months ago we formed our Nurture team to help support children and families at the school and remove barriers to learning. Key focus areas include parental engagement and support, developing pupil’s social skills, dealing with friendships, practising self-reflection, building self-esteem and proactive behaviour support. We have a dedicated room set aside for this along with two full time members of staff (Mrs Stinson and Mrs Sanghera) plus regular involvement from SLT members Ms Jelley and Mrs Smith. The facilities are available to children of all ages and their families with feedback from pupils, parents and staff being very positive. In 2017 we plan to continue this work with additional courses for parents, themed coffee mornings and Year 6-7 transition support.