Governor Update - Summer Term 2014

Thanks to all Staff, Parents, Guardians, Helpers and Volunteers

Thank You

Over the past year we have had a number of staff changes and it is a credit to all that Lawn Primary School has continued to develop and thrive in this environment. In particular we would like to call out some key successes that have been achieved during the year:

School Development Plan: A clear and inclusive plan was developed at the beginning of the year to grow the school on a foundation of Excellence, Respect, Confidence and Resilience which has been fully embraced by all at the school.

Safeguarding and Child Protection: We have recently received feedback from the local authority that Lawn Primary School is seen as one of the best in Swindon in these areas.

Improving Exam Results: Building on a strong foundation, 2013 data analysis revealed areas for educational improvement and extra help was put in place to offer further support for pupils across the school. As the first results come in for 2014 it is clear we are making very good progress on areas such as phonics and reading.

After school clubs: A variety of clubs have been made available to broaden pupils outlook and the school garden has proved a great success with produce sold at the recent market stall.

Facilities: Improvements to the school grounds and buildings have continued this year with the replacement of our heating system and of course the new Music Garden.




The governors have been closely involved in recruitment at the school during the past six months and as a result Mr Nick Sheppard will be joining the school as Executive Headteacher to cover Mrs James maternity leave in September 2014. In addition Miss Emma Jelley will be joining as our new Deputy Headteacher, whilst Mrs Joan Bridge who has been covering the Deputy Headteacher role this last year, will continue as Assistant Headteacher and Mrs Kim Cooper has accepted the position of Phase Leader in years 2 and 3. Other staff changes have been announced in a recent letter to parents. We are confident that the school will continue to thrive in these capable hands.


Mrs Anna Gagliardo will be retiring at the end of this school year after 26 years at Lawn. Over the years many hundreds of children have benefited from her guidance and support. We wish her all the best for the future.



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Encouraging STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Governors have been involved in a number of events this year, including most recently a Toy Workshop for year 2 where children learned how toys work. To finish the year we again held “Engineer for a day” for all pupils in year 6, with the aim of building a giant mousetrap type machine to fill KS2 hall! Photos and video are available here.


Key roles of the governing body

The governing body is responsible for a variety of areas including

Helping to shape the strategic direction of the school
Eg: Looking ahead 2-3 years to consider if we need to expand the school or perhaps look at the benefits of affiliation with other schools in the area
Challenging and supporting to ensure improved outcomes for all pupils
Eg: Reviewing plans for the new curriculum in September 2014
Ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of all staff and pupils
Eg: Regular Health and Safety reviews and implementation of the new school heating system which was installed last summer
Ensuring the school provides the best possible education for our pupils
Eg: Reviewing school examination results and working with staff to develop plans to build on past successes
Along with Teachers and Parents, Governors are there to help the children at our school to fully achieve their potential. More detail can be found on the governor section of the school web site.


Who are the governors?

A brief profile on all governors can be found on the governor section of the school web site. Our next meeting is scheduled for 16th September 2014.