Governor Update - Summer 2016

Governor Vision and StrategyTelescope

During the last few months governors have been revising their 3-5 year vision and strategy for the school which is summarised here. Details on specific steps towards each goal will be reflected in the School Development Plan (SDP).

Vision: Enable every child to realise their potential


1) Invest in staff - children’s education is directly affected by the quality of staff that we have and the way they are organised. Our aim is to hire, develop and keep great teaching and non-teaching staff, with the right roles, working in an efficient framework.

      • Progress – Trainee teacher pipeline has been set up to begin in Sept 2016; Governors and staff ready for Ofsted inspection.

2) Safety and Security for every child - Lawn Primary school has an excellent record in the area of safeguarding and child protection. We are proactive in identifying and supporting pupils and will strive relentlessly to maintain this successful approach despite a constantly increasing workload.

      • Progress – Nurture team formed to provide a more proactive approach to pastoral / behavioural issues and we have already begun to see the benefits of this approach.

3) Be a first choice school - Our goal is to be and be seen as a top school that parents and children want to attend.

      • Progress – New curriculum embedded at school along with new assessment system to track children’s progress; New web site, IT equipment and infrastructure; Improved automation via Parentmail.

4) Proactive collaboration - This focus area revolves around the opportunities that collaborating more closely with other schools will provide to help us achieve our aims. This might take the form of a loose alliance with local schools or a more formal partnership such as becoming an Academy and being part of a Multi Academy Trust.

      • Progress – Progress has been made to build links with other schools including Lainesmead, Churchfields and Ridgeway schools.

5) Expansion Strategy - There are an increasing number of children in Swindon requiring primary school places and we are already significantly over-subscribed. Some will be taken by new Primary Schools, but we need to decide if and how Lawn Primary School should expand.

      • Progress – A governor committee is investigating how we can integrate more closely with the Lawn Pre-school to offer more places and extended hours in future.


Road Safety working partyRoad Safety

We have set up a governor team to look at traffic safety around the school and this will be chaired by Danny Salmon, one of our parent governors. They will be looking at speed limits, parking, crossings, signage etc to see what more could be done to improve safety for children travelling to and from the school.


Parent code of conductCode of conduct 2

Although for the most part our parents are good role models to children whilst on the school premises, we have unfortunately had a few instances where this has not been the case. In September the school will be sending out a code of conduct summary supported by a more detailed policy on the school web site. The intent of this will be to ensure that everyone entering the school premises understand the expected behaviour and the approach that will be taken if the code is breached.


Computer / IT updatesInternet

New PCs have been purchased for all teachers and the WiFi and Ethernet infrastructure have been updated. The net result is that teachers will have more time to spend teaching and less time waiting for the technology to keep up with them! In the next year we plan to upgrade the school broadband which will further improve the internet experience for all pupils and staff on site.


Parent QuestionnaireQuestion

Thanks to our new Parentmail system we were able to make this available electronically as well as by paper. As a result we had over 100 responses within the first 8 hours and the current total is over 150 just a few days later. The closing date for receipt of your feedback is 5pm on Thursday 21st July 2016. In September we will provide an overview of your feedback along with our plans to address common concerns.


PTA need new chairperson(s)PTA

As you may know the PTA do a wonderful job for Lawn Primary school – often raising many thousands of pounds per year which is put towards new equipment that we would not otherwise be able to afford. Their support is very important to the school and if you would be interested in helping as a member or as chair, please contact Mrs K James (Headteacher).


Dyslexia workshop

This session was provided for parents by the school and supported by Greg Wells, one of our governors who shared his personal experiences as a parent of a dyslexic child. The purpose was to explain a little about dyslexia, how it affects people in different ways, the work the school is doing including collaboration with external agencies to help parents and children at Lawn. The session was well attended and it is hoped we can take things further with additional workshops to raise awareness and develop closer links between parents and the school.


Pond grant update

Last summer, Friends of Lawn were successful in obtaining a £3000 grant from TE Connectivity. The Governors, School and Friends of Lawn decided to use the grant to regenerate the pond area within the school near to the Brecon entrance, with a new larger pond and wildlife area to provide further educational benefit in the curriculum areas of Science and Outdoor learning. Construction will begin during the summer holidays and will include wheelchair access and a secure double gate entrance. We expect work be completed by September ready for the new school year. 


PDF download version can be found here