Governor Update - Spring Term 2014

New Governor Appointments

A number of Governors have recently completed their 4 year terms in this voluntary role and we have now appointed a number of new people to the governing board as follows:

  • Matthew Evans has stepped down as chair of governors and Steve Sutton has been voted in as our new chair. We would like to thank Matthew for all his hard work to help us improve the structure of the governing body and to lead us through the process of appointing our Headteacher – Mrs Kelly James. Matthew has kindly agreed to stay on as a Parent Governor with a lead role on monitoring Progress and Attainment.
  • Janice Bennell was voted in as vice chair and maintains her role as lead governor on Finance and Staffing.
  • Glenn Whyte, Gareth Butler and Tracey Kidman-Pepper have joined the governing body as Parent Governors and are picking up shadow roles within the group.
  • Claire Arthur and Laurie Roberts have joined us as new Staff Governors.
  • The remainder of the governing body remains the same including Kelly James (Headteacher), Greg Wells, Sarah Waters and Kim Coopernot forgetting our clerk Emma Milton.

A full list of all governors with photos and positions within the governing body can be found here.

Staff Vacancies

You may have noticed a new “Vacancies” link on the front of the school web site which contains information on two new opportunities within the school which we are working with Mrs James to fill. The first is the position of Deputy Headteacher (to replace Mrs James as she has now taken the Headteacher role). The second is a Phase leader position to coordinate work across a number of year groups. I am pleased to say that we have received a number of strong applications for both roles and are in the process of shortlisting and interviewing candidates with the school.


Science and Reading Weeks

The governors were well represented at both events with many volunteering to read to classes across the school, giving us the opportunity to meet staff and children in the setting. We were also present at the Science week and supported Year 2 with a workshop on How Toys Work and Year 4 with a talk on magnetism where children had the opportunity to build their own miniature electromagnet. Overall both Reading and Science weeks were a great success and a testament to the staff who clearly put in a lot of effort to run these inspiring events. At the following Governors meeting we discussed ways to build on these successes including an idea to feature science books in the library to encourage children to build on what they have learned.



One issue that has been brought to our attention is parking in the roads around the school during drop off and pick up times. We have therefore arranged with the school for posters to be put up on both gates asking all parents and visitors to take care where they park to avoid safety issues for children and the local community.


Governor Meeting Dates

Our next Full Governing Body meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 20th May 2014.