3-5yr Vision & Strategy

Formulated May 2016Telescope

The following information outlines the Governor's 3-5 year vision and strategy for the Lawn Prmary and is intended to compliment the School vision and values with longer term goals.

Vision: Enable every child to realise their potential


Invest in staff
  • Children’s education is directly affected by the quality of staff that we have and the way they are organised. Our aim is to hire, develop and keep great teaching and non-teaching staff, with the right roles, working in an efficient framework.
Safety and Security for every child
  • Lawn Primary school has an excellent record in the area of safeguarding and child protection. We are proactive in identifying and supporting pupils and will strive relentlessly to maintain this successful approach despite a constantly increasing workload.
Be a first choice school
  • Our goal is to be and be seen as a top school that parents and children want to attend.
Proactive collaboration
  • This focus area revolves around the opportunities that collaborating more closely with other schools will provide to help us achieve our aims. This might take the form of a loose alliance with local schools or a more formal partnership such as becoming an Academy and being part of a Multi Academy Trust.
Expansion Strategy
  • There are an increasing number of children in Swindon requiring primary school places and we are already significantly over-subscribed. Some will be taken by new Primary Schools, but we need to decide if and how Lawn Primary School should expand.