3-5yr Vision & Strategy

Updated November 2020Telescope

The following information outlines the Governor's 3-5 year vision and strategy for the Lawn Primary and Nursery School and is intended to compliment the School vision and values with longer term goals.

Vision: Children to be proud of

Mission: Nurture and Challenge every child to enjoy learning and succeed in life


#1 – “Invest in Staff” 

Pupil’s education is directly affected by the quality of our staff and the way they are organised. We aim to hire, develop and retain great teaching and non-teaching staff, who are operating in the right roles, in an efficient framework to the benefit of all children at Lawn Primary and Nursery School.

#2 – “Safety and Security for Every Child” 

We recognise that the number of safeguarding and CP issues are increasing along with associated pastoral issues. There is also an increasing burden on schools to identify such issues and take appropriate action. We have had significant success with the Nurture team and will continue our proactive approach to detect and prevent any issues early on.

#3 – “Be a First Choice School”

We aim to be and be seen as a top school that parents and children want to attend. To support this strategy we will identify and implement improvements across the school while taking the opportunity to communicate our successes to a broad audience of stakeholders both internally and externally in the community..

#4 – “School Transformation”

Our focus is to transform Lawn Primary ad Nursery school by taking a more outward looking approach, working with other schools and reviewing if/how we should expand. A key element of this strategy is to join the Excalibur MAT, but there are many other opportunities that we will address to develop wider collaboration.

#5 – “Build the foundations for success”

This is a new strategy item added in 2020 to ensure we are able to incorporate the key areas that underpin the schools success, particularly in the areas of education and finance. Focus areas for 2020/1 will be: enabling children to catch up on their education following the Covid-19 pandemic, adapting effectively to the new Ofsted framework and ensuring we have adequate funding / appropriate spending to achieve our goals.