Religious Education

At Lawn Primary and Nursery School, we believe that RE (Religious Education) should provide a contemporary study of religion which is important in its own right but also makes a unique contribution to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our children. The UK has a rich heritage of culture and diversity and we believe RE plays an important part in contributing not only to our children’s personal development and well being, but also promoting community cohesion and mutual self respect and tolerance in our diverse society.

We aim to achieve this positive and inclusive school ethos at Lawn by promoting self belief, respect for others and by building an understanding of other cultures and beliefs. The RE curriculum includes the study of Christianity as the main religion of the indigenous population but also other major world faiths including Islam, the second most commonly held faith amongst our children, and to a lesser degree Sikhism, Hinduism and Judaism.

At Lawn Primary and Nursery School, RE forges important links within our local community. Local clergy regularly visit and sometimes lead our daily acts of collective worship. We value the opportunity of bringing learning to life by visiting local places of worship. For example, Year 4 have visited the local Gurduara in Swindon to learn about how Sikhs workship.

RE provides a positive context within which the diversity of cultures, beliefs and values can be celebrated and explored. For example, the children in Reception have had their own celebration of the Hindu festival of Diwali where they made clay divas, Diwali cards, drew Rangoli patterns and talked about how a Hindu family may eat special food, share stories and say special prayers. We encourage our children to celebrate their faith by sharing experiences with other pupils.

Parents have the right to withdraw children from religious lessons and daily worship in assemblies but it must be understood that such activities may make a contribution to cross-curricular objectives pursued during the course of the school week.

At Lawn Primary and Nursery School, we follow the Swindon Agreed Syllabus for RE which can be found here. Please click here for our RE Progression Map.