English, Language and Literacy

English, Language and Literacy at Lawn Primary and Nursery School is subdivided into four categories:


We are determined that every pupil at Lawn Primary and Nursery School will learn to read, regardless of their background, needs or abilities. We recognise that reading is fundamental to our pupil’s future success and is key to learning in all subjects. Therefore we want all of our pupils to develop a love of reading to support their successes and future lives. We develop in our children, the ability to have a lifelong enjoyment of books and reading.  We build on the interests, personality and different levels of ability each child brings to school. 

In EYFS and KS1, pupils read books matching the phonics sounds they are learning in school.  These books are taken from the Rising Stars and Oxford Reading Tree Schemes supplemented by Big Cat Phonics and Rigby Stars books.  Pupils in EYFS and KS1, take home reading books from the Rising Stars reading scheme.  When pupils are fluent readers, they will bring home a variety of books from their colour band, if in Years 2 or 3, or Accelerated Reading Level, if in Y4 or above.  Reading is taught and practised individually, in groups or as a whole class and children are given access to a range of stimulating reading materials from their first days at school.  Adults read regularly to the children in all year groups from a range of chosen authors and favourite books which form the school's reading spine.

All children are expected to read regularly at home, and the close partnership we have with you as parents is vital to the process of learning to read.  We celebrate the children’s achievements in reading in many ways, including weekly reader awards and our Century Challenge where certificates are presented during our celebration assemblies to mark the number of reads at home - bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond and excellence.  Each year, we also encourage the children to get “caught”reading in weird and wonderful places and photographs of these are displayed throughout the school.

Read our Lawn Primary and Nursery Reading Guidelines for more information here.

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We are determined that every pupil at Lawn Primary and Nursery School will feel successful as a writer. We want them to develop the necessary skills to write confidently, appropriately and accurately to the best of their ability. We want to instil in our pupils a love of writing for a range of purposes and ensure that all of our pupils foster writing as a means of communicating and expressing thoughts.  

At Lawn Primary and Nursery School we want to make sure every child is not only skilled at writing but enjoys being creative too. We want our children to be excited about the effect that their writing will have on anyone who reads it. The ability to produce fantastic writing depends on a sound understanding of basic skills and as a school we work hard to develop clear and well formed handwriting, good spelling skills and a sound understanding of punctuation and grammar. Alongside these basic skills we provide our children with a range of experiences and exciting stimuli which will enthuse them and help develop in them a love of writing. Writing at Lawn is celebrated on a regular basis with the presentation of certificates of achievement during our celebration assemblies and examples of different genres such as poems, reports and stories can be found all around the school. We aim to ensure that pupils are well-prepared for the next phase in their education.

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Speaking and Listening

Here at Lawn Primary and Nursery School, we teach and encourage children to develop their skills in speaking clearly and confidently in front of others. The children are expected to be able to work well in groups so we cultivate their listening skills through paired discussion across the curriculum.  In Key Stage 1 we encourage the children to use clear language to express their feelings and ideas as well as developing their imaginative language for use in their writing.  We teach the children how to work collaboratively in groups and the skills needed to listen carefully and actively. Once the children move to Key Stage 2 we build on their existing skills to help them progress in their ability to speak in a range of contexts with increasing sense of audience.

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Phonics and Spelling

At Lawn Primary and Nursery School we are determined to provide high quality phonics teaching for all pupils so they can develop the skills they need to become successful readers and writers.  We recognise that phonics is fundamental to our pupil’s future success and is a key start to their learning journey.  We expect all pupils at Lawn Primary and Nursery School to be equipped with the phonic knowledge and skills they need to become competent readers and writers by the end of KS1.

We recognise that pupils benefit from a systematic approach to the teaching of phonics from Nursery through to school. Therefore, pupils will have regular access to high quality phonics teaching which will be delivered through a synthetic phonics programme which secures the crucial skills of segmenting and blending that enables pupils to read and spell words. The teaching of phonics is based upon the guidance in ‘Letters and Sounds’.  In Reception and KS1, we teach phonics through the Monster Phonics Scheme which is mapped against Letters and Sounds phases 1-6. 

For further information and to see how phonics progresses through the school, please click here to read our Lawn Primary and Nursery Phonics Guidelines.


Please click here to read an Overview of the Phonic Phases and the book banding within.