Computing and Internet

We live in a technologically-rich age and computers are now an integral part of our life. Working within the new 2014 national curriculum, ICT has become Computing with the emphasis now more on how computers and computer systems work, and how they are programmed. Although there have been changes, Computing is still an exciting creative subject able to motivate and enthuse pupils. It can enhance other areas of the curriculum and allows pupils to work on a wide range of skills, from resilience and reasoning to creativity. In this rapidly evolving subject, we aim to give pupils the capability to utilise resources available to them in a considered and safe way.


Your children may be using their ipods, tablets, smartphones and so on more frequently.  With this in mind follow the link below to resources for parents, including the safe use of InstagramSnapchatGoogle+ and Facebook.

Setting up Internet Parental Controls at home

If you are concerned about what your child/children may be viewing on the internet and haven't yet set up any parental controls you may find the link below useful.  The four big internet providers in the UK - BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media have produced short video tutorials that will show you how to download and set up the parental controls they provide for their customers to manage internet access in the home.

Click on this Parental Controls link to access this free resource or  for lots of useful information on internet safety.

NSPCC  website.  A range of resources to help parents with setting up parental controls and other aspects of online safety.

Online Safety - A Parents' Guide to Technology

A Parents' Guide to Technology is an online resource providing advice for parents about the benefits, capabilities and potential risks of smartphones, gaming devices, tablets and internet-enabled media players. It introduces some of the most popular devices, such as iPhone and android, xbox and playstation highlighting safety tools that are available, as well as setting out top tips to help parents encourage their children to stay safe when using these technologies.

Click on the link to access this website.


Resources for 6-10 year olds

Links to all the main internet safety websites including NSPCC, Childnet and ParentInfo as well as links to CBBC and Digital Parenting Magazine.

Click here  to access this website