At Lawn Primary and Nursery School, we believe the curriculum to be instrumental in ensuring that all children develop a love of learning and are equipped with the necessary tools for living a successful and fulfilling life.  We believe all children should have the opportunity to access a curriculum that respects the uniqueness of themselves and their community, and ensures equality for all learners. Through our curriculum, we aim to nurture a sense of inclusivity, respect and responsibility in all children.

We strive to provide a secure happy and active learning environment of the highest quality. Our core values of: ‘Confidence’, ‘Respect’, ‘Resilience’ and ‘Excellence’, permeate everything we do so that our children develop respect for themselves and others, and an appreciation of the wonder in the world around them.  We believe that through positive praise and encouragement, children will become confident and resilient lifelong learners. Through our curriculum, we aim to ensure that each child can be proud of who they are and what they have achieved and will go on to achieve.

The objectives of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and Primary National Curriculum 2014 set the aims and objectives for our curriculum.  Subject plans reference their goals, aims and objectives.  The Programme of Study of the NC sets the scope and breadth of our curriculum for both core and foundation subjects. In addition, we develop subjects further using themes for subjects and, where possible, making links to real-life and our local area so that our children can embrace the world around them.  Our work is supplemented through the use of our Lawn Primary and Nursery School Progression Maps. These reference both the acquired knowledge and skills we want our pupils to gain at each year of their education.  Through this, within our subject plans, we ensure we plan activities that enable our pupils to build a progression of knowledge and skills that go beyond the NC objectives.  

We also offer a variety of extra-curricular clubs for all ages, as well as residential trips for Years 4 and 6.

We value the role of parents/carers in supporting the children’s learning and encourage support from home. Year group curriculum maps are displayed on the school website to enable children to share their learning with home. Regular open-ended homework tasks related to our topics are organised in each year group. There are also opportunities for parents and carers to participate in workshops throughout the year as well as attend open afternoons and performances.

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British Values

Here at Lawn Primary and Nursery School, we firmly believe we are a school for all. We are inclusive and are committed to serving our school and local community. We recognise the multicultural, multi-faith nature of our school community and of the United Kingdom as a whole. We also understand the importance of the role we have as a school in promoting core values and principles to enable our children to recognise the role they will play as emerging citizens in British Society. Through our strong provision for social, spiritual, cultural and moral development; we actively promote a range of fundamental British Values.

Our broad and balanced curriculum offers a range of opportunities for children to question and understand what it means to grow up in Britain. We ensure the children have opportunities to explore key themes such as democracy, individual liberty, mutual respect, the rule of law and tolerance of different beliefs and cultures. Examples of how we actively promote these are:

- Children vote for School Councillors, House Captains and Eco Team representatives.

- Y5 and Y6 learn about the voting system.

- Y6 study The Civil Rights movement.

- Upper Key Stage 2 has the opportunity to take on roles such as Playtime Pals, Librarians and Lunchtime Helpers.

- Visitors from a range of faiths and cultures talk to the children in assemblies and in classes.

- We have strong links to the local PCs and PCSOs who talk to the children about the Law and support them with online safety.

- We are committed to ensuring that behaviour is managed positively by all staff in the school and will not tolerate any form of prejudice. This is underpinned by a strong pastoral system. As part of our pastoral care, we have a Nurture Team supporting families and children across the school.

- We teach about key events in the history of Britain and research key figures.

Our school motto is ‘Children to be proud of’. Our core values of: ‘Confidence’, ‘Respect’, ‘Resilience’ and ‘Excellence’, permeate everything we do. Through our curriculum, we aim to ensure that each child has the opportunity to become the best they can be and is equipped with a love of learning for life.


To view the Department of Education's National Curriculum in England for Key Stages 1 and 2 click here