Nursery Admissions

Please contact our Nursery Administrator, Mrs Claire Rigby, for an application form.  Click here for contact details and click here to view Nursery Admissions Policy.

Primary Admissions

All children living or moving within the School's catchment area are admitted in the academic year that they are five years old or on their arrival from another district.

All Admissions are the responsibility of the Local Authority and places are allocated in line with their Admissions Policy. If you are a parent/carer considering sending your children to us, we warmly invite you to you to telephone and make an appointment. A member of staff will provide a  guided tour where you will have the opportunity to ask questions.



We would like to welcome any prospective parents interested in visiting the school for a tour, in line with Reception Admissions 2022-23.  Tours will be held in school with our (Acting) Headteacher, Miss Jelley and EYFS Phase Lead, Miss Phillips.

Tours will be running on the following dates from 3.30pm for approx. 45 minutes.

  • Tuesday 28th September - FULLY BOOKED
  • Tuesday 5th October  - FULLY BOOKED
  • Thursday 4th November  - FULLY BOOKED
  • Thursday 25th November - FULLY BOOKED
  • Thursday 9th December
  • Thursday 6 January 2022

 Should you wish to attend this tour, please contact the School Office on 01793 522626 or email Liz Lott – to book a space.

When attending the school, we ask if you could wear masks for the duration of the tour (unless you are exempt).


L.A. Admissions Policy

Applications can be made to School Admissions, if any parent

1.     Lives in this School's catchment area and wishes their child/children to attend another school.

2.     Wishes their child/children to attend Lawn Primary and Nursery School but does not live in the catchment area.

3.     has a child who has a statement of special educational needs is required to be admitted to the school named on the    child’s statement.                       

4.     A ‘Looked After Child’ or a child who was previously looked after but immediately after                     being looked after became subject to an adoption, residence or special guardianship order. A Looked After Child is a child who is (a) in the care of a local authority, or (b) being provided with accommodation by a local authority in the exercise if their social services function defined by Section 22 (1) of the Children Act 1989.            

5.     Any child who has a sibling attending the preferred school at the same time as he or she is                     due to be admitted. 

If you are considering Option 2 and your child is already at another school, please make a point of discussing it with your child's present Headteacher. Transfer Forms are available from the School or the Admissions Team. Should you need any help or guidance with a school transfer form, please contact the Headteacher at the School, or the Admission Team at Swindon Borough Council, Wat Tyler House, Beckhampton Street, Swindon, SN1 2JH,  Tel 01793 445500, or email:

Please click on this link for the full Swindon Borough Council admissions policy.

More details about admissions can be found in the Admissions FAQ section of the Swindon Council website.

If your child is refused a place at Lawn Primary and Nursery School, parents have the right to appeal against this decision. Contact the Swindon Borough Council School Admissions team.

For pupils who are starting school for the first time in Reception/Early Years or for those moving on to Secondary School parent/ carers can make an application by either completing a paper application or complete an application online at


If applying by paper application form, the form must be returned to School Admissions at Swindon Borough Council. Do not send this application to the school. Applications must be made prior to the Local Authority's published closing date for registrations.  Applications can be made from 1st September 2020.

2021-22 (for September 2022 admissions)

Primary Applications deadline date is – 15th January 2022

Secondary -Saturday 31st October 2021

If you are unsure at any stage during the process, please contact the Admissions Team for advice

School Admissions, Swindon Borough Council, Wat Tyler House, Beckhampton Street, Swindon, SN1 2JH.


Tel: (01793) 445500 Fax: (01793) 465770


Swindon Admissions Guide                     

Latest information from Swindon Borough Council for Primary and Secondary Admissions



Frequently Asked Questions about starting school

  • When does my child start school in Reception/ Early Years?
    If they were born between 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2018 they can start Primary or Infant school in September 2022.
  • When does my child start Secondary School?
    • If they were born between 1 September 2010 and 31 August 2011 they can start Secondary school in September 2022.
  • Do I need to give 3 preferences?
    • Parents/ carers are encouraged to fill in all three preferences, as this will increase the chance of your child being allocated a school that you have selected.
  • When considering your preferences you should think about whether your child has a reasonable chance of being offered a place at the school you have named on the application form.
    • Do not name the same school twice, this will not increase your chance of gaining a place
  • Do I have to apply online?
    • You can make an application by either completing a paper application or complete an application online at
    • If applying by paper application form, the form must be returned to School Admissions at Swindon Borough Council .Do not send this application to the school.
    • Check you are applying on the correct form.


Frequently Asked Questions for transfers during the school year

  • What if I have more than one child?
    • If there is more than one child involved, each request will be considered on an individual basis. If one child is offered or admitted to a school it does not guarantee a place at that particular school for any other child/ren in the family.
  • I am having problems with my child at their current school, what should I do?
    • We advise you to contact the school to discuss your concerns. It is advisable to resolve any issues rather than move away from the school. Every school will have an Education Welfare Officer who can be contacted through the school.
  • What if I move house but want to keep my child at their current school?
    • If you move house, you can choose to keep your child at their current school. However, you should be aware that this may affect any entitlement you have to transport assistance. If you have other children, there is no guarantee that they will be given a place.
  • If I move into a school's catchment area, does that guarantee my child a place at the school?
    • No. An application form should be submitted in the normal way and the decision will be made based on the availability of spaces in the appropriate year group at the school.