Bluebells Classroom

Bluebells classroom's Room Leader is Mrs Cannings, our Nursery teacher. Mrs Cannings works alongside Ms McCartney and Mrs Rochester.

Whilst Mrs Cannings is on maternity leave Miss Roberts will be Leading Bluebell's classroom.

Our SENCo Mrs Ibrahim works in both Sweetpeas and Bluebells classroom.

If your child is in Bluebells, he or she will be assigned one of these adults as their key worker.



Settling In

We have had a wonderful start of term in Bluebells! Mrs Cannings is thrilled with how brilliant we all are. We've been working hard on following the rules in the classroom and playing nicely with our friends. We've been doing lots of learning about ourselves and our families. We have enjoyed reading The Colour Monster to help us describe how we are feeling and have taken selfies of ourselves with the iPad showing our happy faces! We've talked about the pets that we have and built our houses out of junk. We've also been super lucky to have Balance Bike lessons with Paul. We're building our core muscles up to help with our gross motor skills, which will soon help us with our writing when we get a little bigger.

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