Phonics Workshop

Phonics Workshop for Parents: Wednesday 6th November 2019

The children in Reception were very excited this morning as their parents and carers were invited in to attend our ‘Phonics Workshop’. The idea behind the workshop was to demonstrate to parents how phonics works at school and share with them some ideas for how to teach phonics at home.

The children joined their parents in the hall and engaged in a variety of hands-on phonics activities, games and writing opportunities; set out to help with the teaching of phonics in fun ways with their children. Some favourites included the flour letter writing, 'Flick Football' and Tricky Word Skittles. 


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More than 3/4 of the children in Reception had a parent/ carer accompanying them, which was an amazing turn-out! There was a lovely lively atmosphere in the room, and we think it was a very successful morning.  We feel the parents that attended now have a clearer understanding of how best to support their children with the learning of phonics at home and in turn they left feeling more confident.


We have recommended some useful websites to use: (logins are stuck into the childrens' Link Books)

youtube: alphablocks