Year 6 - Websites to help your child at home

Websites to help your child at home

Games to practise Times Tables

The default website for this is:

The online companion of the paper exercises we are doing in class.

If you want something extra, both the following websites are interactive and good for practising times tables (and other number skills for Hit the Button).

Maths paper exercises

If you want to print off sheets to practise the 4 basic rules, this website is free and has almost endless combinations.

Past SAT papers

There are a number of websites that allow free access to past SAT papers if you want some extra practice. Past Maths papers are the easiest and, perhaps, the best to do at home. For most children, the greatest need at the moment is the unpicking of longer worded questions – working out how many steps the question has and want it actually wants as an answer.

SPAG Glossary

This may be of interest if you what to find out more about the vocabulary your child is working on. It is not intended as a list of things they must learn.


We use:

for SPAG homework although later in the year, I will open up a number of exercises from previous years if your child wants a bit of revision.